Want to improve your crewmember manuals, training, knowledge, and safety?

We make it happen.

At One Cabin Safety, LLC., we offer a variety of services to suit your needs and bring your in-flight Department up to the safety standards where you want them – at the highest level.

All airlines and corporate flight departments do the same thing, transport their passengers from one city to another. What separates a good flight operation from a great one is having well trained and highly competent crew members performing normal operations, and having your crewmembers prepared for irregular and emergency situations. When something goes wrong, that’s not the time to find out that you didn’t train your crewmembers well enough, or their skills aren’t as good as you thought they were. At One Cabin Safety, we have combined experience of over 60 years of inflight operations, training program development and manual writing. We can enhance your manuals and training programs to bring your level of safety up to the highest standards, exceeding regulatory requirements wherever possible and operationally sustainable.


Manual writing

Manual writing is more than just putting words on paper. Regulations as written aren’t usable procedures. At One Cabin Safety, we are highly knowledgeable of safety regulations, best practices, and how to design safety into your system of operation. Procedures are designed so interaction between crewmembers and the flight crew are seamless. We can enhance your inflight procedures, normal and emergency, to provide your crewmembers increased knowledge and skills in the performance of their jobs. If you are looking for an update to your manual, we are here for you.


Training program content

We can enhance your existing training programs with greater content, details, and real-life examples of situations that help improve student comprehension of different subjects. Our presentations include speaker notes, giving your instructors resources to refer to that help explain in greater detail what’s being taught. The speaker notes not only help teach the students. As training is conducted, the instructor is learning as well, improving their instructor skill set. When used properly, the use of PowerPoint presentations in the classroom is a very good way to engage students and generate interaction among the attendees. Often, training program developers misuse PowerPoint and don’t know the right way to lay out the information. We do all this to help build professional skills for your instructors.

Procedure design and analysis

When things are not going as expected during flight operations, errors occur by the crewmembers, not always is the crewmember completely at fault for the error. Crewmembers do make mistakes, however, that may be the symptom of a more signiifcant problem. It could be due to the system’s design that contributed to the error. We do a thorough analysis of procedures, training programs, prior testing, current exams, training supplements, and the manual system, and further, to identify the root cause of errors occuring online.

Similar to authors not being able to carefully proofread their own written work, having an external audit done will help identify potential areas  that have been unintentionally overlooked. No matter what country you are in, cabin safety and passenger safety is all the same. How safe you train to and operate is up to you. We can help you find out of you’re where you should be, or if there are opportunities to improve and become a leader in cabin safety in your country.  

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