How long have you been working in aviation, specifically in cabin safety?

Donald has worked in cabin safety related operations for over 27 years and has held many positions, including Air Transportation Supervisor/Instructor, Supervisor/Manager of Flight Attendants and Training, Director of Inflight, has successfully performed an aircraft add-on certification demonstration to the FAA, and also possesses an FAA private pilot certificate and an FAA Aircraft Dispatcher certificate. Donald was invited to, and presented as, a guest speaker at the ICAO Cabin Safety Conference held in Bangkok, Thailand from August 15 – 19, 2016. Then he returned to Thailand and gave a presentation at the IATA Cabin Operations Safety Conference in Bangkok, at the May 09 – 11, 2018.
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With so many different aviation consulting companies available that say they can improve our manuals, what makes yours different than the rest?
There are many aviation consulting companies and individuals advertising their services, with most stating they are experts. What separates us from the rest is our staff, our qualifications and experience. Learn about our extensive qualifications through our LinkedIn profile, then compare us to others that you may be considering. There are few that have the experience, training background, qualifications, technical writing and plain language writing skills, training program development and facilitation under regulatory supervision, and genuine expertise that our team can provide to you.
Why is it important for flight attendant manuals to be so well-written?
Your manual system is the foundation for your training program, which directly affects your flight operations.  In order to have highly effective and safe operations, you need to have a strong training program. Your training program is based upon your manuals, which is why it is so important that you focus on what’s inside your manuals.  We will improve your manual content, then can work with you to enhance your training program, which will enhance flight and passenger safety.
Evaluation and payments
How long does it take for you to do your initial review our flight attendant manual or training program?
We should be able to complete the initial evaluation within 10 business days.
Our training materials are confidential and proprietary. What will you do with them once you are finished with your review or working with us?
Your training materials and manuals are safe with us. We provide you a nondisclosure form signed by us stating your manuals and training materials are confidential and may not be shared or cross-referenced with anyone else. Upon completion of review, should you decide not to use our services, or we determine our services would not benefit you, all files provided in electronic form will be deleted.
How can we send you our materials for review?
The most cost-effective and time efficient method is to send your files/materials to us using email or a large file transfer service, such as Dropbox.  Password security can be applied to the files to ensure no one else can access them.
How much do we have to pay for you to do an initial evaluation of our flight attendant manual and/or training program?
At no cost to you, we will do an initial high level evaluation of your flight attendant manual and/or training program. We don’t believe you should be charged a fee just for us to determine if your manuals are already well written, or if our services would be of value to you.
How much does it cost to update our flight attendant manual/training program?

For Asian airlines, it’s free. You read right, it’s free. Most airlines don’t have a budget for improving Inflight operations. I’m committed to improving aviation safety and passenger safety through manual and training enhancements, even if it means doing it for free. 

We only want one chapter of our manual evaluated and revised. Will you work on small projects too?

Yes! Whether it’s one chapter, a few chapters, or the whole manual, we will work with you to improve content in your manuals. Our mission is to improve aviation safety worldwide, and it starts with your manuals. We will review whatever you want reviewed. However, often certain parts of the manual interface with other sections or other manuals. In order to ensure consistency across manuals, we may ask for related content to ensure the manuals interface properly.

Contact us
What is the best way to reach you?

For initial contact, please send an email that describes what services you’re interested in, how soon you need the project completed if it’s urgent, and we will schedule a day and time for us to speak with you more in-depth about your request. We look forward to working with you. Please contact us at or call 480-787-6440.

We also use WhatsApp. +1480-787-6440


Do you have other questions? Contact us – we’re happy to help!
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