Donald Wecklein

Donald Wecklein

Cabin Safety Expert. Really, he is!

Donald Wecklein

Managed by Donald Wecklein, One Cabin Safety, LLC is an aviation consulting firm, specializing in cabin crew/flight attendant training and operations, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, with affiliates across the country that also specialize in inflight manual development and training program enhancement. Our consultants have an expanded repertoire of knowledge and skills in cabin safety you won’t find elsewhere. When selecting a company to improve your manuals and training, you need to look carefully at their qualifications. Not all consultant services are equal. Only the best work with us, to work with you. Our team will help get your in-flight department trained to the highest degree of safety and keep you in regulatory compliance.

Donald has been in inflight operations for over 25 years and has worked as a flight attendant, air transportation supervisor/instructor, manager of a corporate flight attendant operation and training instructor, director of in-flight for a 121 airline and more. Additionally, he has managed, developed, and taught hazmat training programs  for IATA will-carry and D.O.T. will-NOT carry operations. His skills and experience include:

  • Expert knowledge of flight attendant procedures and regulatory requirements
  • Flight attendant manual development and revision for 121, 135 and foreign certificate holders
  • Training program development, revision, and classroom facilitation
  • Initial and recurrent training instructor
  • Emergency situations training
  • Emergency procedures, training and drills
  • First aid, CPR, and AED training
  • Managed, developed, and taught dangerous goods training programs for will carry and will-not carry operators to pilots, flight attendants, and ground staff
  • Base manager of flight attendants, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia
  • Wet lease instructor at Malaysian Airlines Academy in Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia
  • Experience with Boeing 727, 737, 747, 777, Airbus A319, A320, A321, deHavilland Dash-8, and Fokker F28
  • Implemented modified communication methods to successfully teach flight attendant training programs to trainees that spoke English as a second language
  • Taught students from United States, Malaysia, Saudi Arabia, Philippines, Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan
  • Evaluated operator’s submitted manual revisions and provided annotations for recommended changes to improve safety
  • Evaluated operator’s certification plans, observed evacuation demonstrations and made decisions based upon demonstrated performance
  • Observed and evaluated operator’s training programs, and made recommendations for content improvement to enhance student learning

Additional skills/qualifications include:

  • Certificated FAA aircraft dispatcher
  • Certificated FAA private pilot
  • IATA Professional Skills for Instructors
  • Previously certified as an American Red Cross Basic Life Support and First Aid instructor

He also is well trained and knowledgeable in writing content in plain language, which can benefit your company. Plain language improves the trainee’s ability to understand and retain what they read and learn during training, which reduces your overall recruitment and training costs through improved understanding of course content and greater employee retention. See Donald’s profile on LinkedIn to learn more about his extensive experience.







Sherry Saehlenou

Sherry Saehlenou

Content developer and instructor

Sherry Saehlenou, Affiliate

Chief Training Enthusiast and Consultant at CA Training Solutions LLC, Sherry has extensive experience as a trainer/leader in the airline industry: providing ‘above and beyond’ training solutions for global aerospace customers. She is a creative forward-thinker, communicator and presenter with a demonstrated ability to facilitate/train across cultures, customize and evaluate training programs.

Sherry has over 38 years of experience with in-flight operations and training: as an international flight attendant/purser with Pan American/United Airlines, where she was a major contributor to the implementation of cabin-defense security training programs for European flight attendants post 9/11 and critical incident training for United Airlines.

While working with The Boeing Company as a Cabin Safety Trainer/ Program Developer, Sherry designed and delivered training programs in CRM, Cultural Differences and Security as well as providing cabin safety “differences” training for customers and around the globe.

She holds a Master’s degree in Education as well as a certificate in Training and Development from the University of Washington.

Experience and skills

  • Serves on the ICAO NGAP (Next Generation of Aviation Professionals) program, working to attract qualified and competent aviation professionals to operate, manage and maintain the future global air transport system.
  • ICAO committee to revise the Cabin Crew Safety Training Manual.
  • International speaker on cabin safety issues (WATS/EATS/APASS).
  • ISD (Instructional Systems Design).
  • Storyboarding/ Developing/ Teaching/ Facilitating training for over 47 international airlines.
  • Boeing Diversity Council.
  • Additional languages: French/Italian.

Professional memberships

  • Association for Talent Development (ATD)
  • Society for Intercultural Education Training and Research (SIETAR).
  • Airline Ambassadors International


  • World Aviation Training Symposium (WATS)
  • European Training Symposium (EATS)
  • Asian Pacific Aviation Safety Seminar (APASS)
  • Singapore Aviation Academy (SAA)


  • Aviation Security International Magazine

See Sherry’s profile on LinkedIn to learn more about her extensive experience.

Winnie (Darsey) Ison

Winnie (Darsey) Ison

Content developer and instructor

Winnie (Darsey) Ison, Affiliate

Chief Training

Winnie has over 22 years experience in airline operations and training. As a Cabin Safety Instructor for FlightSafety International. she trained Flight Attendants and Pilots in emergency and evacuation procedures, including fire and ditching drills which provides real life hands-on training experience. She has also taught for years an emergency equipment and survival course tailored for, and taught to FAA Inspectors, which included regulatory requirements for interior and exterior emergency equipment, fire and ditching procedures, evacuation and ditching demonstrations, Minimum Equipment List, airworthiness, and cabin enroute procedures. Additional responsibilities include but are not limited to development of power point presentations for the ground school portion of all of our training courses. I aided in-flight supervisors in the editing of their flight attendant manuals and emergency procedures.

A key project she’s working on right now is with corporate aviation client Meregrass,  She developed their Initial Training course, Instructor course, lesson plans, and is working on their recurrent and security training programs.

Her experience and skills include:

  • Taught flight attendant ground school and emergency procedures training for operational parts 121, 125, 135, and 91
  • Taught FAA regulations, guidance material, manufacturer recommendations, and regulations for FAA inspectors having oversight responsibilities of various operators of different operational parts
  • Developed and facilitated use of Microsoft PowerPoint presentations to ensure regulatory compliance for both Initial and Recurrent Flight Attendant training programs for operational parts 121,135, 125 and 91, to ensure training consistency for every class and every student.
  • Conducted on location flight attendant training for commercial and corporate training programs for both domestic and international clients
  • Quality Management System (QMS) auditor
  • American Heart Association instructor – she can certify your flight attendants as first aid trained.

See Winnie’s profile on LinkedIn to learn more about her extensive experience.

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