When you need expertise to improve your manuals and increase safety, you need to find highly qualified consultants to work for you. Look no further.

Our team of experts will listen to your needs, work hard for you, and do what we do best – improve your crewmember manual content and training programs.

Improve your training

Your training program is based upon the manual system. If the manuals aren’t well designed, training will suffer. We evaluate the entire system, manuals, training program, and the exams, to make sure it is designed right.

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Evaluate your manual system

The manual system is your home, the foundation of your operation. We make sure the system works correctly with proper controls in place. If not properly designed, errors are likely to repeatedly occur.


International Experience

Donald has worked in the United States, Malaysia training Air Asia flight attendants, Saudi Arabia, and been a co-instructor for the ICAO Cabin Safety Conference in Bangkok, 2016, and presented at the IATA Cabin Operations Safety Conference in Bangkok, 2018. Additionally, he is familiar with and respectful of Asian cultural differences, all considered when working with clients.

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What we do for you

Past projects

One Cabin Safety developed and enhanced a training program for a major middle east airline, and has been designing content for a future flight attendant training center in Thailand. This training course will provide attendees in-depth safety knowledge, as well as the “why?” behind safety procedure design. Visit our other website at http://profaacademy.com for more information.

Our expertise

We have worked with a variety of aviation clients varying in size, from being part of another consultant team to major international airlines. We have the skills and expertise needed to tailor a plan just for you.


Our primary focus

One Cabin Safety focuses on specific elements:

  • Manual evaluation and revisions
  • Procedure design and interfaces
  • Clarity of manual content
  • Create improved presentations with enhanced content for your instructors to teach with.